Mentors Play Godfather To Wiproites

by CXOtoday Staff    Sep 30, 2003

Wipro Infotech has adopted a unique employee-mentoring program, to strengthen relationships, and foster a transparent work culture.

The highlight of the Wipro mentoring program is its uniqueness over traditional norms followed by many organizations. Here mentoring is not done by immediate superiors or HR professionals, but rather a personalized choice is offered to all employees, ranging from freshers to middle level management people. Employees are given the liberty of choosing their own mentors, from any department across the organization.

Another distinction, which sets the program apart, is the fact that almost every issue gets addressed under it. A fresher for example, can even ask his mentor whether he can claim his medical expenses without producing bills. An HR person may not like the question but his mentor wouldn’t.

According to Shabir Merchant, GM (HR), Wipro Infotech, “The idea is to have employees emulating and learning from their leaders.The company has put together a team of 110 mentors who are willing to play Godfather to their juniors.”

According to the unique program, a mentor and his ward are not allowed to share a working relationship. Most freshers find it difficult to communicate with their superiors about various issues affecting them. The Wipro strategy works in close alliance with the mentoring program to mould new recruits into the Wipro culture.

According to Satheesh Kumar, strategic account manager, Wipro Infotech, “Its not just fresh recruits who need mentors. I make it a point to get leads on team-building, not from my immediate seniors, but from my mentor, Pradeep Bahirwani, sales head for Wipro 01 Markets, a group company.”

“You are more willing to discuss your problems with a person with whom you don’t a direct relationship with,” Kumar added.

Since most employees often lack one or two competencies under the Wipro 360-degree appraisal system, mentoring is all set to give them the edge that they need.

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