Microfinance organization adopts Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

by CXOtoday Staff    Sep 07, 2010

RedHatGrowingOpportunityRed Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), a provider of open source solutions, has announced that Growing Opportunity, a micro-finance organization in India dedicated to helping the working poor escape poverty, has deployed its mission-critical applications, including its portfolio management application and mail server, on Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. With this combination of Red Hat solutions, Growing Opportunity has reduced the total cost of ownership of its IT infrastructure by fifty percent and has achieved expanded performance and scalability for its systems.

Growing Opportunity turned to virtualization to help it scale its IT infrastructure to meet business growth. “In the next year, we want to reach 150,000 clients and take our employee count to 500,” said Immanuel Jeyaraj, head of IT at Growing Opportunity. “Previously, our IT environment was not as stable and scalable as our business needs demanded, so we decided to revamp the infrastructure using virtualization.”

The company evaluated several virtualization solutions, including those from Red Hat, Microsoft and VMware. “We ruled out VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V because of the lack of features and flexibility we were looking for and because we wanted a more affordable solution,” said Jeyaraj. “We were impressed by the capabilities of Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, such as live migration and system scheduling, and the solution met our flexibility, scalability, cost, performance and security needs.”

Growing Opportunity also selected Red Hat Enterprise Linux because the combination of the Red Hat virtualization and operating system solutions would together deliver extended security, performance and ecosystem benefits for its infrastructure.

“Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization not only improved our operational efficiency, reduced hardware and power costs by fifty percent, simplified management and improved server utilization, but it has also made our business more agile to rapidly respond to changing business needs and has helped us to build what we believe is the right infrastructure platform for Growing Opportunity’s future,” said Jeyaraj.