Microsoft Announces Windows CE 6 Beta

by CXOtoday Staff    May 10, 2006

Microsoft has announced the beta release of Windows CE 6, a next generation, real-time, embedded software used for creating customized operating system for IP based set-top-boxes, GPS-based devices, industrial automation and medical devices.

Besides a newly integrated tool set, the software which features a redesigned OS kernel architecture supports from 32 up to 32,000 simultaneously running processes - each running in a 2GB virtual memory address space, allowing developers to a larger number of more complex applications into more intelligent devices that offer advanced multimedia, Web services and wireless networking than before.

Featuring a better integrated embedded development environment available via a plug-in for Visual Studio 2005, CE 6 offers developers a single tool with which to quickly develop both OS and applications, improving time to market and reducing development costs.

It also offers continuity of features and functionality of previous Windows CE versions. Building on Microsoft’s Shared Source Initiative, it offers extensive access to millions of lines of Windows CE source code, giving developers and device makers the right to modify and distribute custom components with their CE-based products.

“Once again, we’ve improved the technologies and tools we provide to developers to speed time to market and help to differentiate their products and services,” said Suzan DelBene, Corp. VP - mobile & embedded devices division, Microsoft Corp.