Microsoft Braces Up Its Services And Devices Business

by CXOtoday News Desk    Dec 31, 2013


Microsoft is geared up to strengthen its devices and services business and is looking to add 2,000 customers every month, according to a report in Business Line. To begin with, Microsoft has introduced a cloud based operating system, which would help a technology user to use same set of applications such as word documents or games across devices such as phones and tablets.

Cloud OS networkis a worldwide group of 25 cloud computing service providers like Capgemini, Fujitsu, SingTel and others that will take Microsoft’s products to corporates all across the globe. With their help Microsoft will be able to compete with the existing companies like Oracle, SAP, Salesforce and many others that sell technology used in enterprises and resultingly try to dominate both devices and services business reports the Business Line.

Microsoft also plans to release SQL server 2014, which is used in data centres that form the backbone for banks, financial institutions and other businesses.

“With concepts like Bring Your Own Device, increasing usage of apps such as field sales workforce training and growing data usage are on the rise and this is prompting companies to look at solutions that address these issues in an affordable and simple manner,” said Srikanth Karnakota, Director – Server and Cloud Business, Microsoft, told Business Line.

Microsoft also released a new Visual Studio(a software coding language) and a new version of Windows Azure software, with more features such as better security, storage and data management. With these additions, users can access different systems for things like payroll data, HR or financial data that require constant updating cycles (to guard against hackers) and maintenance.

“Typically, companies use different software for their sales people and other business functions use another type of software and it is getting to be a nightmare to maintain these,” said Sanchit Vir Gogia, Analyst at Greyhound Research as said in a statement.

Research group Gartner in its Q2 data revealed that revenues from server market fell 3.8 per cent compared with last year, but Microsoft is confident about its growth.