Microsoft Brings AI Powered Update To Bing

by CXOtoday News Desk    Dec 14, 2017


Microsoft updates its search engine Bing with new features powered by artificial intelligence including one that summarizes the two opposite ends of contradictory questions, and the other that measures the number of reputable sources behind a given answer, reports AP.

Troubled with the menace of fake news which gets delivered when algorithms are manipulated by purveyors of misleading news, Microsoft and its tech-company rivals have been extending their endeavor to be purveyors of good information- either by using efficient algorithms or onboarding more human moderators.

Microsoft is also trying to position itself as an innovator and showcase itself as more than being just the second-opted search engine, the most preferred being Google.

“As a search engine we have a responsibility to provide answers that are comprehensive and objective,” said Jordi Ribas, Microsoft’s corporate vice president for AI products. 

Bing’s new updates are designed to boost confidence in users that search results are correct and that they need not click on multiple links to validate the information themselves.

There has been a rise in sophisticated searches as people now prefer voicing searches when on the go rather than tying them.

“If you use Bing or Google nowadays you recognize that more and more often you’ll see direct answers on the top of search result pages,” said, who leads Microsoft’s 8,000-person research and AI division. “We’re getting to the point that for probably about 10 percent of those queries we’ll see answers.” 

Shum was seen not over-promising Bing’s new features as a remedy for fake news flooding the internet. “At the end of the day, people have their own judgments,” Shum said.