Microsoft Expands HPC Portfolio

by CXOtoday Staff    Nov 18, 2008

Microsoft has launched the Windows HPC server 2008 targeted at business segments using high performance computing. The server aims to reduce complexity and improve productivity in the high performance computing environment, according to Microsoft.

Microsoft stated it has recorded a significant rise in the adoption curve of its HPC solutions in segments like manufacturing, BFSI, media & entertainment. By focusing on productivity for users, developers and administrators, it is trying to take high-performance computing mainstream, stated the company in its press release.

Pallavi Kathuria, director, Server Business Group, Microsoft India said, “The launch of Windows HPC Server 2008 is just another step in our vision to drive HPC mainstream. As the successor of Windows Compute Cluster Server 2003, Windows HPC Server 2008 will help firms to leverage their existing resources and scale from workstation to cluster - all in a familiar Windows environment”.

“Since enterprises across mainstream industries are today in need of faster ways of doing business, HPC solutions have become a common technology requirement that equipped their businesses with higher processing power”, added she.

HPC technology is embracing a wide range of mainstream modern day technologies like storage, networking and data management today, according to Microsoft.

The segments where HPC has found major adoption are:

* Geo Sciences / Oil & Gas: HPC provides the power required to analyze geophysics and determine the best locations for drilling new wells
* Manufacturing / Engineering / Space Exploration: HPC enables computer-aided simulation, structural or seismic analysis, reservoir engineering, crash testing etc. HPC clusters also have the computational power to analyze galaxies and test astronomical theories.
* Entertainment / Animation: HPC provides the power required to perform complex image rendering required by digital animation, and reduces the notoriously long rendering time for this process.
* Financial Services: HPC helps run advanced trading analytics requiring real-time execution and understand the complex balance between risk and reward in insurance scenarios
* Scientists / Academia: HPC enables scientists and researchers accelerate time-to-insight in critical research projects
* Public Sector: HPC facilitates complex computation projects like Bio Informatics, weather modeling and statistical analysis

Evaluation copies are now available for download.

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