Microsoft Intros Low-end Windows Server OS

by CXOtoday Staff    Apr 02, 2009

Microsoft has expanded its Windows Server family of operating systems with a new version for small businesses with 15 users or less - Windows Server 2008 Foundation.

Windows Server 2008 Foundation will provide small business customers with the ability to run business applications and databases, host Web sites, and provide basic server functionality such as file and print sharing and remote access.

"Microsoft is filling a crucial hole at the low end of its Windows Server portfolio by delivering a simple, low-cost solution geared for small businesses and first-time server users," said Al Gillen, program vice president, IDC. "Windows Server 2008 Foundation rounds out Microsoft’s server platform and provides a solution for a key market segment."

Microsoft will make the operating system available initially across 40 countries and in several languages, beginning with English, Traditional and Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Spanish and Turkish, with more localized versions coming through the year.

As part of its community initiative, Microsoft will also demonstrate to customers a simple way to make a difference in each of these communities. from now until Sept. 30, 2009, a portion of every Windows Server 2008 Foundation sale will go to and - two global nonprofit organizations that strive to serve nonprofits and social entrepreneurs to use technology more effectively, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer said in a press release.

Windows Server 2008 Foundation will be sold preinstalled on servers from original equipment manufacturer (OEM) partners including Dell, HP and IBM Corp. The OEMs will set their own prices, which may vary by country, Microsoft said. The first such servers will be available for purchase in the coming months.


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