Microsoft Steps in with Connected Services Sandbox

by CXOtoday Staff    Dec 04, 2006

Microsoft Corp. recently launched the Connected Services Sandbox. It is a new program designed to unite independent software vendors (ISVs), developers, systems integrators (SIs), network equipment providers (NEPs) and telecommunications service providers to develop and test communications services and bring them to the market.

Sandbox will encourage creation of ‘managed network mash-ups’. In this Web services are combined with traditional telecommunications offerings, which can be offered through the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, and delivered across virtually any type of network or device.

“Currently, operators are offering network services such as voice, video and data services either individually or in service packages,” says Michael O’Hara, GM, communications sector, Microsoft.

“The goal of the Sandbox is to facilitate the rapid development and market deployment of scores of new service offerings, creating new opportunities for Sandbox participants and delivering new options for consumers and businesses,” he adds.

The new program is accessible on the internet and facilitates idea generation and integration with publicly available Web services from Microsoft and others.

There are thousands of examples of publicly exposed Web services i.e., Windows Live, Microsoft MapPoint, Amazon, eBay, Google and Yahoo!

The Sandbox will initially offer a number of Microsoft products and solutions for participants to utilize its connected services framework, for hosting messaging and collaboration, and also its customer care framework.