Microsoft to Stop .Net link to Oracle Databases

by CXOtoday Staff    Jul 09, 2009

Microsoft has announced that it will discontinue OracleClient, the provider for Oracle and which allows users to gain access from Microsoft .Net applications to Oracle databases.

Himanshu Vaisath, program manager for ADO.Net OracleClient at Microsoft, in a blog posting gave the reason for depreciating OracleClient. "We learned that a significantly large portion of customers use our partners’ ADO.Net providers for Oracle, with regularly updated support for Oracle releases and new features. In addition, many of the third-party providers are able to consistently provide the same level of quality and support that customers have come to expect from Microsoft," he said. ""It is our assessment that even if we made significant investments in ADO.Net OracleClient to bring it at parity with our partner-based providers, customers would not have a compelling reason to switch to ADO.Net OracleClient."

OracleClient, or, specifically, System.Data.OracleClient, will be available in the upcoming .Net Framework 4.0 release, but it will be marked as deprecated, said Vasishth. Existing applications will continue to work and new applications using OracleClient will be supported. But warnings will be raised if the applications are compiled against .Net 4.0, he said. Microsoft is recommending that clients use partner ADO.Net providers.

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