Microsoft Unveils RC 1 for Internet Explorer 8

by Muntazir Abbas    Jan 28, 2009

By: Muntazir Abbas
Software major Microsoft has come up with Release Candidate 1 (RC1) for Internet Explorer 8 (IE8) in 25 languages.

"IE8 RC1 is much faster than previous versions of Internet Explorer, so you’ll notice that difference right away. IE8 is also your personal explorer, with customizations that will enable an online experience," said Rajiv Popli, director for Windows at Microsoft India.    

This new offering includes Accelerators and Web Slices, which allow users access online services from any Web page they visit as well as easily stay connected with information that they want the most - without having to visit the website, said Popli. The offering includes an array of Accelerators such as Live Search, Amazon, Yahoo!, Wikipedia, Facebook, eBay, besides other popular sites.

The add-ons offer large amount of resources within a couple of clicks of the Web page visited. Instead of opening a new tab to look up for a search term on Yahoo or Google, users can simply highlight the term and click on the search page accelerator for an instant reference, thereby eliminating navigation to other Websites. In addition, users can discover other useful Accelerators through selection from More Accelerators option on the right-click menu.

Also, the company has initiated a platform-based approach to Web Slices that can enable virtually any developer to create them by merely adding a few lines of code to existing pages. Through this, users can update sites directly from the new Favorites Bar.

Microsoft is also working with partners to create more Web Slices for favorite sites. "IE8 RC1 will help keep users protected against the ever-evolving online threats - things like protection from cross-site scripting attacks that no other browser offers," said Popli.

Internet Explorer 8 RC1 is available for download, while its localized versions can be installed on Windows Server 2003 or XP in accordance with the base language of the operating system with that of IE8, and can be installed in English on any localized OS version. Other languages for IE8 include Japanese, German and simplified Chinese with codes JPN, DEU and CHS, respectively.