Microsoft Windows Vista Beta 2 Available Publicly

by CXOtoday Staff    Jun 09, 2006

Microsoft has launched its consumer preview program that allows anybody to download Vista Beta 2, which is now available in English, German and Japanese.

Microsoft has begun making Vista Beta 2, also known as the Windows Customer Preview release, more widely available to testers this week, according to testers close to Microsoft.

Microsoft said that this could be obtained in two ways: first by ordering the DVD (that includes a nominal cost) or by downloading the ISO DVD image.

The 32 bit version is 3.5Gb and 64 bit is 4.4Gb. People who sign up would receive an email when the public version, RC1 is available. The company has said that this is beta code and should not be used in a production environment. Beta 2 is intended for developers, IT professionals and technology experts who would continue or begin testing of Windows Vista. Some risks of using beta operating systems include hardware and software incompatibility and system instability.

Microsoft has provided with links
where it can be checked if your PC is Vista ready.

The other link
is provided to download or order.

“While PC to PC synch is a great feature that improves productivity and collaboration we don’t have it at the quality level our customers demand. As a result, the decision was made to remove it from Windows Vista. This is part of the normal beta process as we constantly evaluate, improve and fine tune the features of Windows Vista,” a company spokeswoman said.

Microsoft is anticipating two million testers to download the Vista Beta 2 code.