Middleware Applications to Gain Traction

by Prabhu Ram    May 25, 2009

Enterprises have large investments in legacy IT-systems,  and they are continuously deploying new applications for competitive services.

Talking to CXOtoday, Hemen Goswami CTO of enterprise IT solutions company, Infogain, said that to remain competitive, enterprises should offer a gamut of competitive services. There is therefore, a need to build new applications with interoperable integration. Middleware applications fit the bill here.

He said the middleware IT-applications, after the BFSI and telecom will be largely espoused by the Indian retail industry. Having invested over the years on backend applications (warehouse systems) enterprises now need middleware applications to integrate them to IT - systems such as BI suite to gain function and benefit.

However, one of the major pain points in middleware deployments is the standards compliance. The Object Management Group (OMG) is now playing a significant role to bring an open standard so that enterprises are not locked to ISVs.

What role does SOA play? Eddie Chandhok, president (global delivery organization) of Infogain in an email interaction with us said SOA is critical and essential for successful middleware adoption.

Effective SOA in middleware reduces integration expense, increases asset reuse and business agility; giving enterprises a wider eco-system with larger degree of collaboration between services through published, extensible and discoverable interfaces.

Contextually, Oracle and Redhat are the two companies in middleware segment with a strong vertical focus. There sure is scope for other players to tap the segment, particularly retail. The Indian retail market is currently valued at $ 511 billion as per a department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) report.

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