Mobile ads have greater impact on women shoppers

by CXOtoday News Desk    Oct 29, 2013

woman shopper

Mobile devices are driving both men and women to shop online more than ever, but their shopping behaviour is quite differnt, finds a new study by Time and Nuance Digital Marketing. The study reveals that the smartphone is the most important device in a woman’s life (60% vs. 43% of men).

“We knew that women were early adopters of the smartphone, but were surprised to learn how open they are to hearing from advertisers on their devices, and our findings will allow us to more effectively reach women on the platforms and methods they desire,” says Jackie Stasi, Founder of Nuance Digital Marketing

The joint study titled “Women + Mobile: The Unbreakable Bond” offers deep insights into how mobile devices have impacted the way women communicate and shop, the key differences in the way men and women feel about and engage with their smartphones and tablets, and ultimately how women interact with mobile advertising.

For men, shopping on the smartphone is about getting the job done, says the report. They use their mobile devices to find a nearby store (58%), to conduct a product search (50%) or make a purchase (41%). They are also more likely to scan QR codes (50%) than their female counterparts (38%).

On the other hand, women just love the mobile shopping journey, and leverage a device’s features and apps through every stage to make choices about what they’re buying. During the discovery stage, women use their smartphones to make and save product wish lists (32% vs. 26% of men). In the planning stage, they collect discount coupons (23% vs. 14% of men) and make shopping lists (46% vs. 38% of men). At purchase, women check in on apps to get discounts (17% vs. 14% of men). And post-purchase, they share photos of their new products (52% vs. 35%).

The study also finds that nearly half of all women would rather use their smartphone to get additional information than ask a sales associate in-store.

Mobile advertisers need to leverage this opportunity by creating more influence on their female audience, suggests the study. The majority of the study’s findings indicate that women actually do want to hear from advertisers if it is relevant to their purchase, 91% of women across generations said they are less than thrilled with mobile ads that are intrusive, creating a negative experience.

How to win the heart of a woman…

The study goes on to suggest that there is a way for marketers to break into the inner circle — women say they welcome ads on their devices that:


Ask her permission: 41% of women say they’re more welcoming to ads that let them control the experience Share her interests: 52% of women are more interested in ads that are relevant to the content she is already immersed in Help her look her best: 52% of women say they would notice ads that have colorful and bright visuals Engage her in conversation: 41% of women would like ads that give her offers based on location