Mobile Anti-Virus Software Most Sought After In 2016

by CXOtoday News Desk    Dec 08, 2016

Mobile AntiVirus

India, just like most industrialized nations in the world, has been connected to the internet through millions of devices, a lot of them being bought newly each day. This includes tablets, smartphones, laptops, IoT devices, desktops, etc, who have also been affected due to the sophisticated cyber attacks of various kinds, including the bank data breach, which left more than 2 million credit and debit cards open to the cyber criminals. It is thus no wonder, that Amazon has said that anti-virus software has been growing at 100%, in terms of sales, in 2016. The greatest share of this has been for the Android platform.

In a media statement, Amazon said, “With the growth in purchase of smartphones, laptops, PCs, tablets and increasing internet penetration, Indian customers are increasingly buying various software products online to enhance and protect their electronic devices.” In India, anti-virus/security software have become the hottest selling item across the country, bringing in a number of Tier II and Tier III locations who are now increasingly getting connected online. In this trend, a lot of the software created by names like Kaspersky, K7, and Quick Heal, directed at Android or multi-device operations.

Amazon had also revealed a few broad but notable trends which have developed:

- Single user subscriptions, where the software can be run by a single user only, saw an 80% jump in sale during the year.

- Kaspersky, Quick Heal, McAfee, Eset, K7 and Microsoft have been the top brands who have sold products under this category. Microsoft alone has seen a 75% spike in sales of anti-virus and other protection software.

- Non-educational software, which also includes anti-virus and security software, saw a rise in demand from Tier II cities like Ahmedabad and Chandigarh, both of whom are topping the charts in purchases. Bhopal is the upcoming market for the category as well.

- Multi-device software, ie the same software being run across multiple devices like mobile phone, pc, tablet, etc, by a single user, has been a 250% (2.5x) rise in sales.