Mobile Apps For the Masses

by Sunil Kumar    Nov 30, 2006

The Brew Developers Conference 2006 ended in Mumbai yesterday with the launch of a slew of applications for the Indian mobile and gaming space.

Mike Yuen, senior director, Gaming Group, Qualcomm, elaborated on the gaming value proposition in various parts of the world. Elaborating on the impact of 3G on gaming, he mentioned that a large proportion of users in the developed world and Japan had already utilized gaming services and rapid cross-platform development due to collaboration between communities globally was taking place.

“Wireless gaming revenues will outstrip traditional gaming revenues by a factor of 2X every year. Also half the world’s population will use a mobile phone by 2009 with over 1 billion in China and India alone. According to NASSCOM figures the installed base of PCs in India is in the excess of 50 million. Half the world’s population will use a mobile phone by 2009 with over 1 billion in India and China alone,” noted Yuen.

Nimish Shrivastava, founder, Mast Mobile India, Inc, spoke on deploying Brew Apps quickly and lowering the cost of marketing by educating customers by deploying Brew Apps competitively and in the shortest possible time.

Vendors including Astute Systems Technology, IndiaGames and Webdunia came out with launch of offerings based on the Qualcomm Brew Solution. Astute Stock Mania, successor to the ‘BSE Portfolio Tracker’ solution, is a solution aimed at allowing both avid and aspiring investors to experience stock market trading without having to invest real money.

Webdunia came out with ‘Pre School Education,’ aimed at facilitating primary education and is a tool for parents to help children learn the alphabet and numbers in an environment both educational and fun. Currently offered in English, this application includes learning, writing and practice sessions. Indiagames has launched X’mas Loot, Happy Feet and Worms, all arcade games.

The day ended with Vishal Gupta, senior director, sales & business development at Qualcomm, promising further development ahead.