Mobile banking to drive software testing

by Sohini Bagchi    Sep 17, 2012

mobile bankingThere is a growing realisation among CIOs and decision makers in the Indian banking sector that poor quality, untested software can lead to business catastrophe. As a result, Indian banks are increasingly opting for independent software testing companies to handle their specialised testing needs.

“With newer technologies such as cloud computing and big data evolving in the banking domain as well as devices such as smartphones and tablets used for increased transactions, software testing in banks has dramatically changed. Testing today is done in multiple environments so as to offer consistence in functionality and this becomes a challenge,” says Vanaja Arvind, Executive Director of Thinksoft Global Services, a software testing solution provider for the banking domain.

She believes that mobile banking is an emerging area that requires extensive testing knowledge and can offer a huge opportunity to the sector in the days to come.

According to Vishal Pathak, IT analyst, testing was always a vital element for banks that needs to serve customers with the most accurate and real time transactions. However, earlier, software adoption within this segment was limited. Therefore, much of the testing needs were managed by developers. “Today, the scenario is completely different. With more banks using software for critical operations such as supply chain, quality control and finance, CIOs in banking domain realised that just like an external auditor is needed for checking accounts, banks require an independent testing company to take care of their software accuracy needs.

“The key back end differentiator for CIOs in banks is to deliver world class customer service through efficient IT solutions. However, mere developing applications would not help. The need of the hour is to conduct rigorous application testing so that all the stakeholders get the most secured, accurate and real time transactions and services,” says Anil Kuril, DGM-IT, Union Bank of India.

Kuril continues that this often turns out to be a challenge for CIOs as who are not only expected to oversee multiple IT functions such as integration and regulatory compliance, but also testing banking applications. “For example, when it comes to testing banking applications, it is important to keep in mind both functional and user acceptance testing. This would ensure that customers are satisfied. Software testing for banks require specific domain expertise. As a result it makes sense for banks to outsource their testing needs to independent software vendors,” he says.

Several software testing vendors are also leveraging this opportunity by increasing their focus on banks with advanced testing solutions. Thinksoft Global Services, for example, is launching an anti-money laundering testing solution that it says will help banks analyse transactions in relation to customer data and track accounts to detect the transactions are secured.

“As more and more banks look to outsource their software testing needs, the market for independent software testing will continue to grow and open newer avenues for banking sector,” says Arvind.

Kuril adds that the penetration of internet and mobile banking as well as the growth of advanced technologies in banks will further continue to drive the demand for software testing in this domain.