Mobile Phones: Will Dell Take the Plunge?

by CXOtoday Staff    Aug 28, 2009

Dell on Thursday said it was willing to work with carriers worldwide to develop more mobile devices, suggesting a possible foray into the highly competitive handset market.

The company recently showed off a prototype mobile handset it developed with the Chinese Mobile service provider. However, neither has commented on when it will be available.

Though it is rumored to come with the Android operating system, a digital camera and support for a 2G network, not much is known about the China Mobile device.

According to Michael Dell, founder and CEO, the company is willing to make products with various screen sizes to suit the needs of the carriers it works with. "We’ll go and build products those carrier partners want to see," Dell said. Dell collaborates with major telecommunication carriers worldwide such as AT&T and Vodafone.

With the mobile-phone space dominated by telecom majors like Nokia, Samsung, Apple, Research in Motion, Sony Ericsson and Palm, it would be interesting to see how Dell will impact the competition.