Modifying home grown apps requires considerable time & resource

by Sharon Lobo    Aug 16, 2010

On demand solutions are gaining prominence by the day for the various benefits they have to offer. Ace Data, a data storage and information management firm, was one of the first companies in India to implement SAP On-demand solution. Neeraj Mediratta, CEO, Ace Data shares his experience on using the SAP solution.

What prompted you to go for SAP On-demand solutions?
Being an SMB, our firm isn’t big enough yet to have a dedicated IT team. As a result, we prefer using web-based applications for different purposes such as accounting, invoicing, sales etc. Since the last 4-5 years, we have used various home grown web applications, however the flipside was that modifying such applications for a specific purpose requires considerable time and resource. We wanted a solution that could integrate various functions of our organization such as accounting, invoicing, sales etc and SAP On-demand fitted the bill.

How has the solution improved the functioning of your organization?
Being in the service industry, for us, service delivery is of utmost importance and SAP On-demand has helped us improve this. It has also enabled our sales department function in a much more planned manner, while improving our account management in terms of tracking sales opportunity pipeline, with good analytics.

What are the financial benefits you gained through this solution?
Currently we are an NCR-based company and we are looking to expand our operations across the country. So we did a budgetary activity for the same and found that by using the SAP On-demand, the additional cost of deploying it across geographies is miniscule of the total cost of operations. Additionally, the controls and standardization that it offers makes it very cost effective.

What are your business challenges and do you see the cloud as a solution?
We are a data storage and information management firm, therefore for us managing datacenters is the biggest challenge. We need to ensure that the datacenter is up and running 24X7, and also ensure its security and availability. In such a scenario the cloud is a good option and we do promote the cloud to all our customers. However, though it is easy to promote cloud computing, it is equally necessary that we be the first ones to adopt it.