More SMEs having trust in cloud security

by CXOtoday News Desk    Nov 06, 2012

cloud microsoftAn increased number of SMEs in India are moving to cloud as they are having a considerable trust in cloud security, according to a new Microsoft study. The study further revealed over the past one year, a number of small and mid-sized entities have gained significant security benefits since migrating to the cloud.

According to the study, over 64 percent of Indian enterprises in the mid-market segment said that they had experienced higher levels of security, while 52 percent mentioned that they are now spending less time worrying about the threat of cyber attacks.

The survey noted that 61 percent of Indian SMEs who have used cloud-based services said they are now able to employ more staff in roles that directly benefit sales or business growth effectively. Nearly, 63 percent are said to have invested in more product development or innovation and 62 percent experienced improved agility as far as their IT capacity are concerned.

Of those enterprises that experienced higher levels of security with cloud technologies, over 50 percent said that the cloud enabled them to add new products and services that benefit their business in a faster and more secured way. More than half of the respondents said the cloud made it easier for them to scale their business that helped them in exploring newer markets.