Most Data Centers Need an Overhaul

by CXOtoday News Desk    Apr 02, 2014

data center

Despite a whopping increase in mobile and cloud technologies adoption in the enterprise, many of them are still utilizing outdated data centers, which in turn are cutting into their efficiency and overall profitability, according to a joint study conducted by Softchoice, a US-based technology firm and virtualization company, VMware.

The study reveals that successful companies often have an efficient IT structure, where the flow of data is undeterred by outdated technologies and can be managed easily. The rapid aging of several of these data centers is owing to the rapid evolution of mobile devices in particular. And while employees are striving to upgrade to the latest devices and apps every year, they continue to work with worn out equipment in the office that are considered obsolete by today’s standards.

“With cloud and mobile’s enterprise footprint expanding, more workers are empowered to choose their own technology and apps,” said Doug Sekus, Softchoice’s Director of Business Development, Datacenter, in a prepared statement. “We’ve found most organizations’ outdated data centers are struggling to keep up with employees’ and clients’ growing demands.”

The survey found CIOs and their IT department with sufficient infrastructure are four times more likely to deploy new applications within one business week. Fifty-eight percent of organizations take more than a month to deploy new applications, while 61% of organizations still virtualize less than half of their IT environments. The other worrisome trend is that, 46% of organizations do not have any hybrid cloud capabilities at all.

The positive outcome of the survey is that while many companies realize their data centers are outdated, they are willing to invest in IT infrastructure in the next 1-2 years. they also realize that IT departments will benefit in the long run if they go for a data center overhaul.

“Organizations with IT infrastructure that is highly virtualized, highly automated and that supports software-defined solutions can implement new processes faster, respond to employee needs quicker and focus more time on growth and innovation,” Sekus said. “Leveraging new technology to go to market faster is the new, virtual space race and organizations with the right IT infrastructure are winning the race.”

While the coming months will see enterprises getting more serious about virtualizing their datacenters, the bottom line is, if enterprises want to stay in the game, they’re going to need to do some serious reworking on their IT infrastructures, he concludes.