Most Smartphone Users Download Zero Apps Per Month

by CXOtoday News Desk    Aug 25, 2014


Most apps are free and even when these come with a price tag, the amount is nominal. Despite this, a new report found out people are not downloading them and reveals the reason for this user indifference. According to a latest report by US-based Internet analytics company comScore, most US smartphone owners download zero apps in a typical month.

Only about one-third of US smartphone owners download any apps in an average month, with the bulk of those downloading one to three apps. comScore analysed and shared the data after tracking usag data of consumer aged 18 months and above for the 3 months ending June 2014.

The total number of app downloads is highly concentrated within a small segment of the smartphone population, with the top 7 percent of owners accounting for nearly half of all download activity in a given month, the report added.

However, it cannot be said that apps aren’t useful A more than half of the  smartphone users accessed apps every single day, and most apps are free of cost. So what could be the reason for this trend?

The study gives one possible explanation. It says that people just don’t need that many apps, and the apps people already have are more than suitable for most functions. 

Almost all smartphone owners use apps, and a “staggering 42% of all app time spent on smartphones occurs on the individual’s single most used app,” comScore reports. New apps come and go, especially games, but perhaps breakthrough apps will be increasingly rare, including those that are built by Facebook, Google, Apple, and Yahoo.

The report also ranks the top 10 out of the over 2 million available for download from the Apple and Google app stores. While Google doesn’t have the number one app on the list, the company does dominate the top 10 with half of the entries.

The top ten mobile phone apps, including how many people use them includes: 1. Facebook App with 115 million monthly users 2. YouTube with 83.4 million users 3. Google Play with 72 million users 4. Google Search App with 70 million users 5. Pandora with 69 million users 6. Google Maps with 64.5 million users 7. Gmail App with 60 million users 8. Instagram with 46.6 million users 10. Apple Maps with 42 million users 10. Yahoo Finance with 42 million users

The report also indicates the growing importance of smartphones and tablets for accessing the Internet. Fully 60% of the time spent on the Internet is by consumers using one of those devices. And of those accessing the Internet, 52% are now doing so through an app rather than a website, which is a huge 40% increase from 2013. It’s also becoming a daily habit for many. More than half (57%) accessed an app every day of the month.

“Last year saw the U.S. become a multiplatform majority, a significant milestone in which the majority of digital consumers used both desktop and mobile devices every month. Around the same time, mobile first surpassed desktop in terms of total digital media engagement. And finally, just this year another key milestone was reached — the app majority — where now the majority of all digital media time spent occurs on mobile apps,” said the report.

While there is a huge increase in the number of people using apps, the majority of consumers are sticking with the apps they already have. Nearly two-thirds (65%) of smartphone users didn’t download a single app in the past month with another 8.4% only downloading a single app each month, it concludes.