Move to cloud is inevitable, Nilesh Vani

by Abhinna Shreshtha    Aug 16, 2010

Aptech is currently working on moving its email system to the cloud and Nilesh Vani, EVP and chief of strategy & IT at Aptech, says this is just the beginning of the company’s journey to cloud computing.

IT education major - Aptech is focusing on three areas where they can leverage cloud computing - infrastructure, platform, and applications. Currently the company is looking to move its email system to the cloud and is already in talks with solution providers like Google and Microsoft among others.

Speaking to CXOtoday, Nilesh Vani, EVP and chief of strategy and IT of Aptech said, “Cloud computing is still an evolving technology, hence, there is no sense in taking a big bang approach to it. We have to take things in phases and be ready for unexpected changes. In the beginning there might be bloopers and mix-ups, and there are issues like financial benefits that need to be worked out, but it is a promising technology with a number of benefits.”

Vani expects to finish moving the email system to the cloud by the year-end. Once this is done, the company will start working on moving email authentication-based applications like Intranet, employee self service portal, etc. to the cloud. Apart from this, Aptech is also looking to utilize cloud computing to ease strain on its website and infrastructure. “Our industry (education) has certain peak periods, like May, June, etc. where we see a lot of traffic on our website. Similarly, sales are also more during the month-end adding more stress to our systems. This is another area where cloud computing can help us,” added Vani.

Aptech is no stranger to the cloud. It has been using’s CRM solution for a number of years. “Initially, we had our misgivings about too,” reminisces Vani. “We used to be worried about business continuity and whether we would retain control of our data, but till now we have never had any complaints with In the end it is all a part of change management.”

When quizzed about the kind of changes he expects to see in the IT ecosystem once cloud computing becomes mainstream, Vani opined that IT teams would no longer have to worry about things like business continuity, disaster recovery, etc. “There will be a shift in the way IT teams function; this is unavoidable. There will be a consolidation of processes and hence, functions of IT personnel. SLAs between users and vendors will also change, becoming more service-oriented than product or application-oriented,” he added.