Mphasis Deploys IP-SAN; Expects Huge Savings

by Amit Tripathi    Apr 11, 2005

Mphasis, an IT and BPO services provider, has implemented a modular IP-SAN solution, in an effort to consolidate distributed storage resources, provision server independent storage, speed up backup and restore performance. All this has not only enhanced its disaster recovery preparedness but the company also expects to save costs enormously.

Says Aditya Menon, group CIO, Mphasis, “After a stringent evaluation exercise, we chose an IP-SAN solution from Intransa having found it to be the best from a storage management perspective, especially in backup management. The IP-SAN will facilitate speedier LAN free backup, smooth and reliable disaster recovery operations, perform online data replication and simplify data management across the organization at a significantly lower total cost of ownership than an FC-SAN.”

Elaborating on the uniformity aspect, Michael Martin, assistant vice president, applications and service support, Mphasis, added, “Applications such as SAP ERP, back up storage, mailing solutions like MS Exchange and a few other applications running on different databases have all been deployed on IP SAN architecture. By doing this we have been able to consolidate storage and servers significantly, which in turn meant lot of cost savings.”

The company expects to save at least $20,000 during the first phase of the IP-SAN implementation. The company will bring all its five locations under IP SAN in a phased manner. In India Mphasis operates five centres for offshore development and BPO services across Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai and Mangalore.

The IP-SAN has helped in bringing about uniformity and modularity to the company’s global storage infrastructure. Most interestingly, the technology is also expected to allow the company to have storage consolidation with application server independent storage provisioning and constant data availability from IP-SAN. According to Martin, the company will not need to buy any extra storage platform since it allows for huge scalability.

Throwing light on the trend in IP-SAN adoption across enterprises, B. Chandrashekar, director, international marketing, Intransa, Inc., said, “There is a rising demand for IP-SANs from organizations which are keen on building an enterprise-wide comprehensive disaster recovery system with existing infrastructure and resources.”

Trends also indicate that the demand is largely originating from enterprises keen on implementing data protection and compliance systems to remain globally competitive and to satisfy business contracts, corporate governance best practices and governmental regulations on information management.

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