MPLS - the Gen-Next intelligent networking solution for SMEs

by Lopamudra Roy Chowdhury    Dec 02, 2011

Small and medium enterprises (SME)s today leverage the power of technology to ‘go global’ and stay connected with associates and clients ‘24×7’. In this age of globalization and localization or as we say “glocalization”, small enterprises need to conduct bulk of their business over the internet and in a secured manner. There are multiple options, but the best suited is the Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS), the networking system that is reliable and secure for national and global connectivity. What makes MPLS the most sought after technology to deliver voice and data services for small enterprises? It is mature, sophisticated and delivers voice and data services faster. MPLS provides faster packet forwarding for IP routers and supports Virtual Private Network (VPN) services with traffic engineering and network convergence. In addition, by virtue of its performance and versatility, MPLS offers lower network total cost of ownership (TCO) than any other solution. Now, as a SME business, would you not want a fully managed solution that helps you streamline your business operations more efficient? MPLS not only provides you with cutting edge technology with ample capacity for future expansion but also offers cost-effective scalability across multiple locations. After all, you do not want to spend a fortune on your network infrastructure. But it is not just costs, in this age of cut-throat competition among businesses in all domains, SMEs always need to improvise and enhance product or service in order to carve a niche in the market. We understand that you need to concentrate on your core competencies instead of struggling with high-end technologies and networking system. MPLS networking service provides you with a fully managed solution for all network and connectivity requirements along with supporting business critical applications. MPLS service thus is the key for you to get an edge over your competitors.