MPTD Automates Key Processes With Newgen OmniFlow

by Rajendra Chaudhary    Sep 27, 2006

In a bid to fully automate its processes pertaining to issuance of Vehicle Registration Certificate and Temporary Permit, the Madhya Pradesh Transport Department (MPTD) is planning to implement Newgen Software Technologies’ specially tailored solution across its various office locations.

The customized solution is aimed at improving the workflow at MPTD and combines a system developed by Smart Chip Ltd (SCL) and Newgen’s OmniFlow, OmniDocs and OmniCapture solutions.

According to Newgen, the state department had been grappling with an incessant rise in number of vehicles applying for registration and applications for license issuance. Also, the absence of automated workflow capabilities in its existing system meant lack of transparency, high turnaround time and less productivity for the department.

The existing system from SCL provided MPTD with capabilities for handling the front-end activities of Smart Card Issuance along with Tax Management, Cash Receipt Generation, Permits Management and Challan Management System. However, its application didn’t have any workflow capabilities, which often impeded document management process at different stages.

Therefore, to address these matters, Newgen integrated its OmniFlow desktop client into the existing system and the forms in the current application were used in a custom work desk developed by SCL. Also, the current application was updated and modified to ensure one-on-one correspondence between an application (work item) and data being displayed or edited in the forms at a particular work stage.

To ensure interoperability between the systems, NEWGEN worked closely with SCL to understand various complexities, modify and streamline the existing RTO processes wherever required, do the desired integrations and development of custom workdesk.

The initiative was run as pilot at MPTD’s Bhopal office and went live in February this year. After evaluating and analyzing, MPTD went ahead with the implementation at its other offices. The new system runs on Windows 2000 Advanced Server and SQL Server 2000 database.

However, the MP government is yet to give clearance to the plan for the statewide deployment.