MRO-Tek launches Fibre access device (FCAT)

by CXOtoday Correspondent    Oct 01, 2003

Bangalore-based network access equipment manufacturer, MRO-TEK, has pioneered an Ethernet first mile fibre access device.

First mile, also known as last mile, local loop or access network, is a device in the telecom network that links users with broadband services.

S Narayanan, chairman and managing director of Mro-Tek said, “Indian IT companies investing on R&D, to pioneer hardware products for global markets are a rarity in the current software services dominated scenario. Our latest product called FCAT-M, converts incoming signals from one media type (a general category of data, audio, video or image content) to signals appropriate for another media type. The embedded software was developed through extensive in-house research.

In addition, it also offers inbuilt support for Wave division Multiplexing (WDM) technology, which enables Ethernet signals to be carried over a single fibre, doubling the capacity of the last mile network.

Narayanan added, a wide array of products which compliment FCAT-M, are being developed. With MNC companies roping in the best talent with generous pay packets, recruiting and retaining engineers for R&D work is a major challenge. FCAT-M is a global industry standard product, which competes with products from leading companies such as Allied Telesyn.

FCAT-Ms USP is its price, costing 30% less than competition and offering multiple features. Speaking about the companys market strategy, Narayan said, A prime market for FCAT-M is USA, where even a pilot order from telecom carriers would be upwards of 10,000 boxes. The global market is estimated to be $250 million, and is expected to grow to $1 billion by 2006. All major carriers and enterprises are considering Ethernet for last mile, and this assures the success of FCAT-M.

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