Mumbai Tops The List Of Cybercriminals

cyber security

Cybercrimes are on a constant rise due to the wide spread use of internet and IT-enabled services. What is increasingly attracting more and more people to indulge in cybercrime are illegal gains, followed by reprisal, eve-teasing, sexual harassment and greed. Mumbai being the financial capital of the country has become the breeding ground of cyber criminals. The recent Cyber e- bulletin C.I.D report highlights that 67.3% of cyber criminals arrested in Maharashtra in 2015 were from Mumbai, a sharp rise from 19.7% in 2014. Mumbai also topped the cyber-crime chart with 933 cases registered in 2015, which was 42.5% of the 2,195 cases registered across the state.

Some of the common frauds businesses and individuals are falling prey to are:

1. Identity Theft – These are the kind of hacks which happen when a person’s contact information is leaked unintentionally and is misused by someone with mal intent. This is a dangerous situation since the person gains access to your personal conversations and can cause trouble with your personal and professional contacts too.

2. Divulging critical information easily – Often, we do not pay attention to the vitality of the information we are sharing online and who has access to it. You may receive a request from a pretty girl and you accept it without thinking twice. The person can find out your phone number, address, your routine, family members, travel plans and take advantage of this information.

 3. Card fraud – Your credit card and debit card information is all a hacker needs to obtain goods without paying, or to obtain unauthorized funds from an account.The data obtained from cybercrime cell, Navi Mumbai police has revealed that 67% of cybercrime offences are related to credit or debit card fraud.

One needs to understand that cyber security is a process and not a product. There is no website that is hack proof. Given enough time and effort anything and anything can be hacked. Hence there is a need for a cyber-army; a team of talented cyber security professionals which include Ethical Hackers, Penetration Testers, developers, Security Experts and Programmers.

The cyber-army constantly tests and checks the network to ensure it cannot be hacked into and reports this information back to the company instead of misusing it. Most countries including China, Israel and Russia, have realized the potential risks of cyber warfare and have taken measures to steadily build up their own cyber army to help safeguard their nations’ interests.

IT industry body NASSCOM recently reported that an increase in incidents of cyber-attacks and data protection efforts globally are expected to create $35 billion revenue opportunity and employment opportunities for about a million professionals by 2025 for India. There has never been a better time to enter into the Cyber Security field as an ethical hacker as the demand is booming and is expected to surge as more start-ups and businesses go online.