Mumbai Wi-Fi Networks Not Secure

by Techtree News Staff    Jan 13, 2009

The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and the Sheriff’s Brigade (a team comprising of the Sheriff – Dr. Indu Shahani, and some students) have found loopholes in the security of Wi-Fi networks in south Mumbai.

According to reports by FICCI, around 80% of the Wi-Fi networks surveyed in areas like Colaba, Fort, and Nariman Point were found to be susceptible to misuse. The study was carried out a day before the Mumbai police was to survey the city for Wi-Fi network vulnerability

FICCI and the Sheriff’s team have partnered with the police to train commoners to secure their Wi-Fi connections so that others cannot misuse it.

The Mumbai police recently was looking for unsecured Wi-Fi networks in the city. A report by Deloitte has estimated that nearly 88% of wireless networks in Mumbai are open and unprotected; and if protected, still very vulnerable.

The recent measures to tighten loose screws in Wi-Fi security have come into being since the medium is frequently used by terrorists to carry out their heinous motives.