NASA Space Station Webcast Goes Live

by CXOtoday Staff    Mar 17, 2009

NASA has started beaming live video from just outside the International Space Station. However, the online feeds are available only when the station’s crew is asleep or off duty.

Though NASA has four communications links for sending data to Earth, it wants to have all of them free for day-to-day operations while the crew is awake and working, agency spokesman Kelly Humphries said.

The video can be viewed at

NASA also opted not to show video from inside the cramped space station to give astronauts privacy. "It would be like Big Brother looking over your shoulder 24/7," he said.

When the crew is asleep and the Web streaming is going on, remote cameras will show Earth or other parts of the sky as seen from the space station, or parts of the station’s exterior as it orbits 225 miles above Earth.

The rest of the time, while the crew is awake, viewers will get an illustration showing the station’s current location or live NASA television coverage of breaking space events.