National Tech Day: 3 technologies That Will Define India’s Future


Could you have ever imagine a dishwasher and mixer-grinder communicating to decide how much power they could share to account for the cloudy day effect on your solar power plant. Or a patient of congestive heart failure, a serious health disorder, going about life with ease, without having to frequently visit the hospital. Doctors are aware of vital parameters, including blood pressure, heart rate, blood sugar, etc. communicated through connected smart health devices. The system is so well-interconnected that the day a patient misses scheduled medication, the pharmacy and the physician both receive alerts warning them about it!

Modern technologies such as Cloud, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Analytics are bringing wide-ranging changes throughout the world across industries such as healthcare, oil and gas, and astronomy; introducing new ways of doing business; disrupting traditional business models; and impacting human life in myriad ways.

The Big Data revolution is underway

Global research firm McKinsey projects that the use of Big Data in healthcare can reduce the healthcare data management expenses by $300 billion to $500 billion. With manifold increase in affordable sensors that collect and transmit data and new Analytics tools and advanced storage capabilities, new possibilities are continuing to emerge. The use of Big Data technology can immensely improve home care facilities and can help in bringing down healthcare costs, particularly in India and other developing countries in Asia and Africa.

In fact, companies and enterprises too can benefit from the technology. They can capture more detailed data in real time at reduced costs and from areas that were previously inaccessible. This would help them take better technical decisions and improve production. For example, oil companies have been utilizing seismic software, visualization tools and other digital technologies in trying to find out what lies below the surface. Better Analytics has the potential to improve the way companies manage business operations.

No wonder, being a Data Scientist is the sexiest job of the 21st Century, according to the Harvard Business Review. Apart from the glamour, at a macro level, the adoption of Analytics and Big Data would help in employment generation, an urgent need in the Indian context. Global revenue in the analytics market is forecast to reach $16.9 billion in 2016, according to the latest forecast from Gartner, the international research firm.

IoT and Smart Homes for revolutionizing human lives

Just imagine the AC switching off so that power-demanding washing machine has enough electricity or bringing the room temperature down to optimum on a sunny day. Or dishwasher and mixer-grinder communicating to decide how much power they could share to account for the cloudy day effect on your solar power plant. Connected appliances like TV, washing machine, smart fridge, and home security systems with sensors and cameras are taking center stage, resulting in the ultimate Smart Home experience. With evolution of sophisticated sensors, exponential expansion in 3G as well as 4G services (with 5G talks in the air) and broadband connectivity, there would be a smart revolution in human lives.

Cloud computing taking the world by storm

Cloud is the new buzzword these days as businesses shift from premise-based services to cloud-based ones. According to a Gartner study, 25% of new core financial application deployments in big enterprises would be public Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) by 2018. The firm has predicted that 30% of service companies would move their applications to the cloud by the year 2018.

“The cloud shift is massive as Information Technology (IT) companies move to a new model to cut costs and improve flexibility of operations,” said Shashank Dixit, CEO, Deskera, a global leader in cloud technology.

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