NCDEX standardizes IT infrastructure on open source technology

by CXOtoday Staff    Sep 08, 2010

RedHatNCDEXRed Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), a provider of open source solutions, has announced that the National Commodities and Derivatives Exchange Limited (NCDEX) is powering its mission-critical IT infrastructure on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. With Red Hat Enterprise Linux, NCDEX has designed a reliable, stable, high-performance and cost-effective IT infrastructure that has delivered 99.99 percent uptime for its business applications.

NCDEX is an online multi-commodity exchange and shareholders of this exchange comprise of important national-level institutions such as large public sector banks and companies like the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and LIC of India. NCDEX’s core business is to facilitate trading of agricultural commodities, metals, energy and carbon credits. Located in Mumbai, NCDEX offers facilities to its members from approximately 550 centers located throughout India.

The critical requirement for NCDEX’s IT team was to provide a commodity exchange platform for market participants to trade in commodity derivatives. “It was critical for our complete IT infrastructure to have no unplanned downtime,” said Devesh Surana, Vice President, Technology, NCDEX.

Using NSE’s IT infrastructure as a benchmark and under the guidance of NSE, NCDEX decided to build its infrastructure of business-critical applications on open source technology solutions to ensure redundancy and failover and chose Red Hat as its technology partner. “Open systems, like all other hardware and software, require a robust support infrastructure, which Red Hat is able to provide,” explained Nirmalendu Jajodia, CTO, NCDEX.

“Red Hat solutions have helped NCDEX to cost-effectively standardize our business-critical applications on an open architecture while providing 99.99 percent uptime of these applications,” says Surana. NCDEX’s IT team also found Red Hat Enterprise Linux to be superior to alternatives in terms of performance, manageability and reliability.

“In addition to high availability, we have also experienced excellent support from Red Hat since the deployment of Red Hat Enterprise Linux on our systems. We have additionally developed strong in-house expertise on Linux,” said Surana.

With Red Hat, NCDEX was able to standardize its critical business applications on an open architecture and achieved freedom from vendor lock-in. Red Hat solutions have also helped NCDEX choose Red Hat-certified hardware platforms that deliver flexibility and high performance. Reliability and ease of maintenance of the Red Hat solution has also helped the organization to predictably scale and manage its infrastructure in a cost-effective manner.

“Because of our great success with Red Hat Enterprise Linux, we have kept Red Hat solutions firmly on our radar for future technological developments at NCDEX,” added Surana.