NComputing to Enter the Large Enterprise

by Sonal Desai and Prabhu Ram    Oct 22, 2008

N Computing one of the players in shared computing technology is tapping the space in the large Indian enterprise.

The company recently bagged a deal to support a computer education programme in 5,000 secondary schools, by the Andhra Pradesh state government.

There are a lot of opportunities for us in the health care, manufacturing, banks and call center verticals, said Raj Shah, chief marketing officer. Horizontally, we would like to tap all companies that have a customer service and a training room.

As a fall out of the financial crisis, a lot of CIOs across industries are working under tight budgets. But IT still has to find a way out; still needs to solve problems; and propel business to newer heights. Also CIOs are addressing factors such as cost, manageability and concerns such as green computing.

Ncomputing enters the picture here. A US based company, it promises low computing solution by enabling multiple users to share a single PC. It enables a keyboard and monitor as an individual personal computer by connecting it to a singly powered PC. Its technology consists of a software and hardware, which is priced around $200 per unit and comes in two basic configurations: the X Series, which turns a single host PC into a device capable of supporting three to four additional users, and the L Series, an Ethernet-connected device that supports upto 10 users.

Shah said that an average person uses less than 10% of the capacity of their PC and the rest is wasted. NComputing taps into the other 90% so that multiple users can simultaneously share a single PC. Each user can run his own applications and can have his own files, settings and preferences. This avoids the cost of a dedicated PC. The product consists of virtualization software, communications protocol, and a durable access device integrated together. It claims to cut PC costs by 70%, compatible with standard PC technology, drastically reduces IT complexity and slash electrical consumption by 90% .

The solutions can be used with both Microsoft Windows Server and on the open-source operating system. However, software license agreements of the vendors needs to be ensured for the appropriate main power pc.