NCR unveils range of SelfServ ATMs and wireless ATM connectivity solutions

by CXOtoday Staff    Feb 11, 2011

SelfServ ATMsNCR (NYSE: NCR) today introduced three SelfServ Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) models, which are expected to be secure, wireless connectivity solution for remote ATM deployment, and also launched APTRA eMarketing, a software tool to connect with consumers. These solutions are meant to enable financial institutions in India deliver better banking consumer experience through self-service at the ATM channel

“As consumers do more through the ATM channel, it becomes imperative for financial institutions to ensure their ATM network is constantly up and running and offering an outstanding customer experience,” observed Jaivinder Gill, MD, NCR India.

In order to help banks deploy ATMs in remote sites, the company unveiled Smart Connections - a Global-System-for-Mobiles (SM)-based wireless solution in partnership with Symstream Technology Group. The remote modem configuration of smart connections is centrally managed, making its installation as simple as inserting and activating the SIM card.

According to the company, by delivering an integrated multi-channel marketing campaign based on consumers’ preferences, APTRA eMarketing enables business to break digital and physical marketing silos, creating the seamless, personalized experience demanded by today’s on-the-go consumer.

NCR further informs, that the SelfServ 22e uses low-energy LED lighting and fixed length receipts to minimize power consumption, carbon footprint and paper waste, making it a valuable asset in both achieving environmental goals and reducing total cost of ownership. The SelfServ 42 is a multi-function ATM offering cash dispense and envelope deposit with the flexibility to upgrade to advanced functions. The SelfServ 32 is ‘no envelope’ multi-function intelligent deposit ATM with dedicated cash deposit and recycling functionality. Its multimedia capacity and self-healing technology helps financial institutions reduce operating costs, improve customer service and increases revenue generation opportunities.