We Aim At Creating Smart Cities Safer: NEC Head

by CXOtoday News Desk    Dec 17, 2015


A smart, connected urban mobility can improve quality of life for city dwellers. Just as an efficient and reliable public transport system support the growth of a city, creating a more sustainable and liveable society, security and safety are two key areas that concern authorities, especially with the daily movement of thousands of passengers and vehicles throughout the network.

In recent months, the Indian government has been promoting its urban transformation, putting great emphasis on creating smart cities and security. “Ensuring and maintaining safety and security of a nation is crucial for citizens, as well as to attract business growth and investment opportunities to boost the economy. As one of the first companies to promote the Smart City concept, NEC believes that ICT is crucial to create a sustainable and secure society,” Koichiro Koide, MD, NEC India.

Elaborating on this initiative, Koide explained, “We created our motto to “Make Cities Safer” which reflects our commitment to help cities respond to challenges that arise during the development of urban and industrial infrastructure.”

He said that biometric recognition technologies such as fingerprint and face recognition will serve an important role in providing services that are highly secure and convenient. NEC’s biometric technology is used in 40 countries worldwide for fighting crime, preventing fraud and improving public safety. Its face recognition technology is independently recognized as among fastest and most accurate facial matching software according to latest tests done by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).


“In India, we have already successfully deployed our advanced Face Recognition System in Surat Safe City for Surat Police, and at Lemon Tree Premier, Delhi Airport in India. These solutions empower security teams to prevent crime by offering real-time blacklist and white-list management using highly intelligent live CCTV feed analysis. Furthermore, we are also working with the Government of Andhra Pradesh to provide comprehensive safety and security solutions in the city of Tirupati,” he said.

 NEC’s Face Recognition System is also widely used in public transportation networks for security surveillance where the software is able to capture CCTV or archived footage in real time, assess, match and allow organisations to react accordingly to the outcome of the success of the facial match. These outcomes or actions can be configured to cross-check against databases for a positive or negative match to enable quick response to threats, for example.

The company’s suite of smart transportation solutions such as traffic monitoring and bus fleet management enhances the efficiency of the operator, making the rides safer and more efficient for passengers and drivers.

In an increasingly online and borderless world, governments and enterprises face significant and difficult challenges in determining appropriate security measures: how to protect information resources from increasingly advanced and sophisticated cyber attack happening 24/7, and how to minimize damage during security breaches, stated Koide.

Koide also believes NEC’s partnership with INTERPOL is a true recognition of the company’s proven capability in the field of cyber security. “Leveraging on our years of knowledge and technologies cultivated over 20 years together with know-how obtained through operation of the cyber security solution, we have been making efforts in researching new security applications to serve governments and enterprises,” he summed up.