NEC's Face Recognition Systems At Krishna Pushkaram Festival

by CXOtoday News Desk    Aug 16, 2016

NECs Face Recognition Systems At Krishna Pushkaram Festival

With the Krishna Pushkaram festival underway, the Andhra Pradesh state government has deployed NEC-made FRS (Facial Recognition System) in order to tackle issues of crowd control and safety. With the installed CCTV cameras, the FRS will help manage the traffic, and also the 50 million expected pilgrims who will be performing the holy bath in river Krishna. With such a large crowd, safety and security becomes a serious challenge, which the Vijaywada City Police is looking to solve with the help of NEC’s installed FRS. 


So, what does the FRS do? The FRS system provides real-time identification of anti-social elements using highly intelligent live closed circuit TV feed analysis from over a thousand CCTV surveillance camera systems to assist front-line policing operations by monitoring and scanning images of suspects and criminals. The system can produce search results within a second, even when linked to a massive database of over 1.6 million records. NEC’s facial recognition algorithm has been recognized as providing the world’s highest authentication accuracy and speed.


Chief Minister of Andra Pradesh, N. Chandrababu Naidu spoke about the advantages of installing the FRS, saying “As Indian Police leverages advance and innovative technologies for a safer and smarter policing, Andhra Pradesh State uses leading edge facial recognition technology of NEC, one of the world’s leading ICT companies, for large scale events such as Krishna Pushkaram to ensure safer and  smoother event management for over 50 million people who will participate in 12 day long holy river festival.”


Present at the occasion was Takayuki Inaba, Managing Director of NEC India, who mentioned, “NEC India is working with various states and cities as part of its safer cities initiatives in India. As one of the leading providers of innovative technologies and solutions, NEC’s FRS system plays a critical role in making cities safer and more secure. We will continue to work in closer collaboration with the Andhra Pradesh State Government to build a safer, secure and smarter Indian society through provision of our cutting edge public safety solutions.”


The person who will be at the centre of all the crowd management, will be M.Sambasiva Rao, the Director-General of Police (DGP), upon whose shoulders will actually lie the crowd management duties. He explained, “The Krishna Pushkaram is a huge religious event that occurs once in every 12 years in India and usually draws a massive crowd. We are pleased to engage NEC to implement its highly acclaimed facial recognition system during the festival which generates real time alerts. We believe that it will help monitor crowds better and reduce concerns against public safety.” Going forward, may be the other state governments can deploy the FRS because religious gatherings, and other large scale congregations are the scenes of chaos, and in many cases, large scale loss of human life during these occasions.