NeoAccel Offers SSL VPN -Plus on VMware

by CXOtoday Staff    Jan 16, 2009

NeoAccel, the remote workforce solution (VPN) company has announced the VMware version of its flagship product, SSL VPN-Plus. SSL VPN-Plus Gateway is the only 3rd Generation VPN able to replace IPSec and to supersede conventional SSL VPNs which suffer from the TCP-over-TCP meltdown and degraded client-server application performance.


Network administrators can experience the user and management interfaces and actually observe how SSL VPN-Plus fits within their current network setup all without the logistics of a hardware appliance. Most prospects are up and running within 15 minutes, said Michel Susai, chairman & CEO of NeoAccel.

The company’s offering of SSL VPN-Plus under VMware consist of 3 separate options -SSL VPN-Plus and NAC-Plus running on an existing VMware Server platform, SSL VPN-Plus Evaluation Virtual Appliance for the VMware Player, and  Globally Managed SSL VPN-Plus Farm for ASPs/MSPs/ISPs.

SSL VPN-Plus and NAC-Plus can be purchased as virtual appliances and run on a VMware ESX Server. Network administrators get all the benefits of a virtualized infrastructure including on-demand replication, scalability, and backup of the VMware environment without the hassles of buying and maintaining hardware. SSL VPN-Plus is ideal for disaster recovery situations by being able to replicate one SSL VPN-Plus image to many and provide 100x the number of normal concurrent users on demand. In addition, virtualization ensures minimal downtime when making changes to your remote access infrastructure.

SSL VPN-Plus Evaluation Virtual Appliance enables prospects to download and try an active version of SSL VPN-Plus using VMware player, effectively turning any laptop or extra lab computer into an SSL VPN-Plus Gateway, in less than 15 minutes time. After signing-up at, and receiving email verification, users obtain an unrestricted 10 concurrent user license for 30-days.

For Managed or Internet Service providers (MPS & ISP) NeoAccel provides 10Gbps SSL VPN performance on the SGX-5200 appliance which enables service providers to take advantage of the VMware operating environment provisioning, cloning, and managing SSL VPN-Plus Gateways on the fly with a global manager. This enables MSP /ISP to offer their customers compartmentalized, secured access with flexibility and scalability. The SGX-5200 supports up to 128 individual virtual machines.

All versions of SSL VPN-Plus on VMware are fully functional SSL VPN-Plus gateways purposefully built as a zero administration IPsec replacement. Standard features include clientless and full access clients, End Point Security, GUI administration, Mobile VPN, Secure Desktop support and more. NeoAccel plans to expand its virtualization offering by making SSL VPN-Plus available for other virtualization architectures in the near future.