NetApp Banks on Ethernet Storage, Cloud Computing

by Manu Sharma    Jul 01, 2009

With India registering a 19% growth in the storage market, NetApp said it will continue to focus on Ethernet storage and cloud computing to play an active role in the storage space in India

The storage company, which registered a 20% growth in India in FY 2008-09, is expecting a double-digit growth during this fiscal in India

According to Rajesh Janey, president, India & SAARC, of NetApp, storage is one sector that has not been impacted by recession and will continue to grow in India.

As per IDC report, the storage industry in India is expected to touch $325 million in 2009 from $304 million in 2008. Though NetApp does not expect a 24% growth in the storage sector, it will continue to have a good positive growth, he said. NetApp also added 100 new customers in 2008 in India

Janey identified storage efficiency, cloud computing, storage virtualization, 10G Ethernet storage as the growth-driving areas.

"Our Ethernet-based storage systems, through their unified, multiprotocol architecture, have delivered consolidation and unification to our customers for over a dozen years. We have been a leader supporting Ethernet storage, first as a NAS pioneer and then as an early proponent of iSCSI. Thousands of our customers have deployed Ethernet storage that simplifies data management, protects investments, and reduces total cost of ownership," he said.

On the cloud computing front, whether a company should build or expand its own data center, or whether it should access computing resources remotely, over the Internet, Janey said, "People are already using lots of cloud/outsourced computing today for things like blogging and web training, but I expect it to move up-market over time."

NetApp has a development centre and QA facilities in Bangalore, and has recently set up a green datacenter for its customers.

"Tata Communications has been one of our big customers for cloud computing while Plano Studios is a major customers in the media space," Janey said, adding the company sees telecom, government, BFSI and manufacturing verticals to play an active role in the storage space in India.

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