NetApp Enhances Its Information Server 1200

by CXOtoday Staff    Aug 17, 2006

Network Appliance is introducing two new software modules - NetApp Transparent Migration Manager and NetApp Retention Manager to enhance the functionality of its Information Server 1200.

With this, the storage major hopes to address the issues associated with unstructured data, such as increased costs, visibility of data and potential regulatory compromises.

The Transparent Migration Manager migrates data from primary to secondary or function-specific storage based on content type, staleness and other parameters, resulting in cost-efficient and effective handling of storage growth and backup. It also automatically and transparently manages the migration, screening and restoration of data.

Retention Manager identifies files that contain credit card details or private customer information - data requiring WORM (write once, read many) storage for regulatory compliance and copies them to NetApp SnapLock software, setting policy-based retention periods. This affords elimination of human errors, timesavings and faster data access later.

Soumitra Agarwal, Marketing Director - India, Network Appliance said, “This announcement is about NetApp providing customers with a holistic solution to help them gain control over escalating costs and risks associated with unstructured data. Indian organizations with global business interests need to consider IT processes and controls that ensure compliance with stringent regulatory norms prevalent in the countries of operation.”

With this, products resulting from NetApp’s OEM relationship with Kazeon have gone up to four. The solutions are globally available.