NetApp Sets Up Green Data Centre

by Manu Sharma    Jun 25, 2009

With storage industry poised to lead the green IT revolution, NetApp has set up, what it claims to be one, of the most energy efficient datacenter in India. Termed as NetApp Innovation Centre (NIC), the data centre located in Bangalore has been built at a cost of $29 million and with a power usage ratio of 1.55 as compared to the average of 2.5 is one of the lowest in the industry.

As per an IDC study, storage is the fastest growing part of data center investments and also the second largest consumer of power in the datacenter as per US EPA.

Surajit Sen, director (channels marketing & alliances) of NetApp India said, "NetApp has gone by the US EPA that has set up metrics to judge how green data centres are. In fact, our data centre is one of the lowest with power usage ratio of 1.55."

The storage company has made its possible by internally using a combination of multiple technologies like thin provisioning, RAID-DP, thin cloning, thin replication, and deduplication to reduce the actual amount of storage capacity required in the datacenter.

The 390 rack data centre its first innovation centre in the world is co-located with the NetApp engineering centre also in Bangalore that was set up 2003 and helps its customers reduce power and cooling costs in a datacenter.

Implementing real-world applications such as Microsoft Exchange, SQL, SAP ERP, Oracle e-Business Suite in a single and unified platform across FC SAN, IP SAN and NAS computing environments, the NIC also showcases a wide range of solutions that are integrated with technologies from VMware, Microsoft, Symantec, Citrix, and Commvault partners.

The NIC will showcase leading data storage and management technologies to meet the demands of next generation data computing requirements. NIC team will work with customers to solve unique problems specific to their environments which are not addressed by standard solutions and architectural blueprints besides also help customers use NetApp solutions for the maximum benefits to their business.