NetApp Simplifies Data Storage

by Hanil Manghani    Feb 07, 2006

Storage vendor NetApp today announced the release of a broad range of disk-to-disk back up and security products, technologies and also services that aim to simplify data backup procedures while cutting costs.

“Data is experiencing 60% to 80% growth every year because of increasing data, thanks to stored correspondence, automation of processes and digitization. However, over a period of time, 60% of data becomes inactive, but must be retained for purposes such as maintaining records, compliance, data mining etc,” informed Soumitra Agarwal, Marketing Director, Network Appliance systems, India.

The products released include two models of the NearStore Virtual Tape Library (VTL) family - the single-head NearStore VTL600 and the dual-head VTL1200, NetApp SnapVault software, NearStore R-Series platform, the IS1200 and the Decru DataFort E-Series Version 3.0 firmware.

NearStore Virtual Tape Library machines, the company’s disk-to-disk backup storage appliances, allows for emulation of the library on to the disk. It can be scaled up from 4.5 terabytes to 168 terabytes, and integrates with backup application software from CA, EMC, IBM, HP, Symantec and Tivoli.

The NearStore R-Series platform is an easy-to-use and economical storage archival and compliance storage disk-to-disk backup solution, deployed between storage between application storage and tape libraries in a three-tier storage architecture, now

Symantec’s NetBackup software, integrated with NetApp SnapVault software centrally manages disk-based backups. The combined solution enables organizations to backup any storage vendors’ primary storage systems, allows faster data access and restores using online backups and reduce media usage by eliminating redundant data.

Decru DataFort E-Series Version 3.0 firmware offers wire-speed encryption, access controls, authentication, and logging to ensure data safety, and incorporates CIFS, NFS, and iSCSI onto a single appliance. It fits into SAN, NAS, DAS, iSCSI or tape storage infrastructure, and can be deployed transparently with no changes to servers, applications, or user workflow.

The IS1200 is an Information Classification and Management (ICM) solution with a “Search and Index” feature that allows data to be used for other purposes like data analysis etc.

The NearStore VTL is priced at approximately Rs70 lakhs, the NearStore R Series platform, combined with SnapVault (without Symantec’s NetBackup) can cost Rs55 lakhs, the Decru Datasoft E-Series Rs25 lakhs and the IS1200 costs Rs15 lakhs. All figures are approximate and vary according the requirements, specifications, customization etc.

It is also offering services to help customers with issues such as deployments, data recovery, migration etc. Clients in India include Reliance Petro, HDFC, redffmail, Aviva, Texas Instruments and many others.