NetApp's Data ONTAP 7G Simplifies Data Storage

by Rajendra Chaudhary    Dec 05, 2005

Network Appliance, storage solutions provider is offering the latest version of its enterprise storage software, Data ONTAP 7G.

Data ONTAP 7G is designed to utilize the available storage space more effectively and reduce data management hassles for multi-application environments.

According to NetApp, the software combines the available storage resources with built in logic to manage data while also enabling the administrators to shrink or expand volumes to accommodate storage demands as they change.

Speaking to CXOtoday, Soumitra Agarwal, Marketing Director, NetApp, India said, “With constantly shrinking IT budgets and growing data management concerns, CIOs and IT managers are constantly under pressure. They are expected to leverage the existing IT infrastructure in their organizations and derive business benefits from it. With Data ONTAP 7G at least the data management issues are taken care off.”

The software features FlexVol methodology used to create logical pools of storage within its integrated disk enclosure or with third party storage subsystems. A lab validation report by Enterprise Strategy Group (ESG) suggests that FlexVol can improve application performance, and simplify storage provisioning and enable better capacity utilization.

Besides FlexVol, FlexClone is said to allow for quick replication of FlexVol data sets into multiple, independently write able images without any storage overheads. The cloned data can be tested and manipulated without affecting the original data sets and only the changes made to the cloned data set consume additional storage space.

Discussing the features and the benefits of ONTAP 7G, Syed Masroor, systems engineer of Network Appliance said, “Data ONTAP 7G is a dedicated micro kernal operating system which handles complete storage management. It utilizes previously unused resources and simplifies storage mechanisms while keeping the same fundamental architecture in place.”

Estimates suggest that most enterprises only utilize less than 50% of their total storage space because of lack of efficient tools. Complex allocation and provisioning applications, expensive upgradations, disruption fears, static allocations, lack of sharing of resources are just some of the challenges that IT managers face while managing data.

NetApp says that the migration to Data ONTAP 7G only takes a minute or so to be completed and to make sure that there are no disruptions it is usually carried out on the weekends. The ONTAP 7G is on offer at no additional cost to existing NetApp customers.