NetDevices Develops 7-in-1 Network Appliance

by Hinesh Jethwani    May 03, 2004

What do you get when you combine seven critical networking functionalities into one single device? If you answered ’mayhem’, guess again. An innovative solution designed by Bangalore based NetDevices, has managed to bring the entire enterprise networking appliance family under one roof, with an open standards based device slated for release in the fourth quarter of this year.

Speaking to CXOtoday, Uday Birje, Director - Marketing, NetDevices India, said, “The initial version of the product will combine at least seven different applications, namely switching, routing, Firewall, Antivirus (AV), Intrusion Detection System (IDS), Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), Virtual Private Network (VPN) capabilities, and Remote Management (RM). A key differentiator that will segregate us from other ’run of the mill’ value added security appliance vendors, is the fact that we have designed our product solely on the basis of ground-up innovation, unlike others who have integrated additional features only on afterthoughts.”

So is the market ready for an all-in-one network device? Backed by an extensive market survey conducted over a period of 8 months, NetDevices is of the opinion that a tremendous potential exists for a unified network device in today’s enterprise.

The strongest selling point of the product is its compatibility with the existing network infrastructure in an enterprise. Simply put, if an enterprise owns a Cisco router (for example), the device does not demand a replacement, but it works in perfect conjunction with all third party vendor appliances.

Running on a Linux based OS, the device will give users the flexibility to choose the applications that they wish to deploy. An 8 slot platform is slated for release in Q4, which will be targeted at multi-application level branch offices. A scaled down 3 slot version is also scheduled for launch later.

Detailing features of the product, Birje said, “The open standards based interface of the device conforms to all major standards used in the appliances today. The device will interoperate with all standards based applications, and is modular, easy to configure, and can be triggered remotely. We are also currently involved with developing a new routing code on Linux, which will be integrated into the device later.”

The product is a result of extensive R&D by NetDevices’s US and Bangalore based locations, that employ approximately 70 people. Although Birje refused to reveal the pricing details of the product, he indicated that it would deliver a significantly low TCO, as it would deliver double the functionality in less than half the combined price. For example, an enterprise could use all seven features, and end up effectively paying for acquiring only three.

The product will be targeted at large enterprises in verticals like Banking & Finance, Manufacturing, Retail, Managed Service Providers, etc. The product has already passed the demo stage, and is currently being beta tested in NetDevices’ own internal labs. The company has already entered into discussions with large customers, and plans to sell the product through channel partners, VAR’s, integrators, etc.

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