Network Programs Allies With Brooks Automation

by CXOtoday Staff    Sep 27, 2006

Network Programs India, provider of network solutions that integrate 4T (RFID, SmartCards, biometric and telematics systems) technologies has allied with Brooks Automation.

With this tie-up, Network Programs will develop software customized as per customers need to deploy Brooks’ technologies, integrate its RFID middleware SmartFlo with Brooks equipment and also resell the same throughout the country.

“Brooks Automation is a driving force behind manufacturing efficiency, and we are excited to engage with them to customize RFID and tracking solutions for the India market,” stated Vipin Tyagi, President & CEO, Network Programs.

“The RFID market in India has tremendous potential. As India Inc. becomes more aware of the potential of RFID solutions, we anticipate demand to skyrocket. As India’s manufacturing capacity increases and matures, RFID solutions will create huge benefit and value by streamlining the supply chain and assembly process,” said Harald Buchmann, MD - RFID Division, Brooks Automation.

J. Gullish, Director - strategy and marketing, Network Programs India said, “Businesses don’t think in terms of technologies, rather they wish to have their business issues solved. The new evolving technologies allow companies for a flexible and scalable deployment, while SmartFlo is the middleware that helps integrate with legacy systems.”

SmartFlo is a framework for easy deployment of 4T technology in enterprises.

Commenting on the current scenario, Gullish said that the current big thing was access entry, followed by telematics and transportation. While Supply Chain was a major consumer of RFID technology abroad, it had yet to catch on in India since it was not currently a very organized sector.

Gullish feels that the developing software, maintenance and upgrades involved in retaining a customer relationship offered the maximum profits.