New Alternative for Security Conscious Enterprises

by CXOtoday Staff    May 22, 2007

Security has always been a major concern for Enterprises. Websense software has launched the Websense Web Security Suite 6.3.1 that will provide protection against malicious sites.

The new software uses the defensive classification intelligence in the patent-pending ThreatSeeker technology and provides organizations protection from potential Web security threats.

According to the release, the security solution provider is giving customers access to its advanced Web Reputation system that has been developed in Websense Security Labs. This is done in the form of three new Web site categories available to organizations using Websense Web Security Suite. These new categories allow organizations to manage their level of Web security based on risk tolerance.

The company release notes that this new solution is in response to the growing number and sophistication of threats that exploit the use of Internet. The Web continues to be an important delivery method for malicious code designed to steal information and disrupt business operations.

“Today’s threats are faster and more complex, with easily accessible ‘kits’ designed to exploit software vulnerabilities that are available to novice hackers for less than $20,” said Dan Hubbard, vice president, security research, Websense. “In 2006, there was a 100 % increase in sites designed to install keyloggers and other forms of crimeware. The latest release protects customers from Web sites that have a high likelihood they will contain malicious content.”

The new categories guard organizations from Web sites that are hosting known and potential exploit code. These web sites are likely to contain spam accounts used to generate advertising revenue. The categories also protect from sites that camouflage their true nature or identity and sites that include elements suggesting latent harmful intent.

Unlike Internet protocol (IP) reputation systems that rely on simple email and domain name attributes, Websense’s Web Reputation system uses intelligence from its patented and patent-pending ThreatSeeker technologies to adjust the reputation of sites in real-time.

The company makes it easier for customers to apply policies to these new categories. Administrators can use their familiar policy console to activate these new categories with a few clicks.
Websense Web Security Suite 6.3.1, with these extended security protection capabilities, is currently available at no additional cost to current Websense Web Security Suite subscribers.