New App Aims To Help CIOs Trim Logistics Budgets

by CXOtoday News Desk    Oct 14, 2016

Chennai: For Mahesh Ramachandran, Chief Executive Officer of city-based IT services company Commonwealth Inclusive Growth Services (, the thought of connecting customers to clients and vice-versa across the digital medium is the ultimate communication success. Towards this end, his company has made an App that aims to two-way and omni-channel commmunication for companies across internal and external environments. 

A chat app with payment gateway

CIGS, which has been associated with the Prime Minister’s Jan Dhan Yojana, believes that ‘Notifie’ would reduce costs for the CIOs by cutting down on their expenses for traditional SMS-based services while focusing on creating communities for the enterprise across which communication can be seamless with the additional benefit of the ability to perform financial transactions.

Pain Points Addressed:

Over the past several years, social media has transformed people-to-people communication as well as that between business-to-people and vice-versa. So, it is quite a no-brainer to discuss the criticality of these platforms. Take the example of CTOs, who initially resorted to blocking platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, and are now advocating its use for effective marketing and communication. 

One challenge remains though. Social media is genetically capable of handling private / personal communication, often between individuals, closed-user groups or between brands and their constituents. When it comes to tackling business usage, challenges do arise such as limiting of group size, risk of leaks and resultant negative publicity, lack of moderation resulting in trash content, non-integration of payment platforms etc. 

What Notifie aims to do is address these challenges presented by both social media as well as the traditional SMS-based communication. Of course, the app collects all the advantages that these platforms offers, without necessarily compromising on the challenges that it provides. 

Key Features of Notfie:

  - For starters, Notifie offers end-to-end 256-bit encryption of all messages and transactions. 

  - It offers rule-based communication, both uni-directional as in from business to consumer or bi-directional including moderated communication

  - The capability to create several groups with millions of members

  - It allows multi-media messaging, video streaming etc. without actually overloading the device.

  - Users can generate polls, ratings & surveys, payment collection, scheduling and processing etc.

  - There is also simultaneous multi-device support, omni-channel support besides the regular features like push notification, e-mail integration etc. 

A Make-for-India App: I

Though the developers aren’t keen to publicize this aspect, the fact remains that Notifie comes with an auto-translation capability across several regional languages, with more getting added in the course of time. The user interface has been designed for people with minimum education and lowest bandwidth availability across India. 

In terms of security, the user can also opt for a personalized PIN which cannot be accessed by the developer of the application too. Thus, Notifie supports vernacular languages, machine translation of messages, simple, intuitive user interface. Notifie helps stream Video, rather than download, thereby supporting even low-end Smart Phones and not hanging in case of poor Broadband connectivity.

Industry-specific Usage:

The developers as well as the marketing team at CIGS believes that the app could be of value in the banking, finance and insurance industries, given that India has a target to reach more of the unbanked and uninsured. Given that TRAI has put a stop to spam messages and marketing calls, the companies are stymied in their efforts to reach more customers. 

Another segment where the application could prove useful could be in the the channel partnerships space. Most manufacturers and vendors have a huge challenge reaching out in a defined time frame with their partners via the distributor network. Such an app could help them do so and also provide instant feedback on quality of the product and service. 

Mahesh Ramachandran of Commonwealth Inclusive Growth Services

Speaking to ‘CXO Today’, Mahesh Ramachandran, said, “Notifie (Click here to download) aims to revolutionize the way businesses communicate with their customers, partners and employees, while, simultaneously enhancing customer delight through very high security & friendly User Interface. Businesses would benefit immensely from Notifie’s effective, moderated communication and cost-effective, secure collection mechanism.  Thus, Notifie offers a Win-Win Solution for the businesses and their customers alike.”