New Conferencing Software From SMART

by CXOtoday Staff    Mar 03, 2006

SMART Technologies has announced the release of Bridgit conferencing software 3.0 for Microsoft Windows operating system.

With this software, users can cut down the traveling time and costs by having professional development sessions, conferences or briefings online. The latest release adds VoIP to the web conferencing application, which allows a user to share voice, video and data with others over internet.

Bridgit software maximizes productivity and reduces costs with a real-time service that enables desktop sharing, annotation and desktop video from anywhere in the world. Teachers can use Bridgit software to deliver distance education between schools and to students in remote locations. Bridgit software makes it easy for users to connect to a conference, even through common firewalls.

The new version of this conferencing software includes features like, built in VoIP, multi language version, desktop sharing and multi-point webcam support.

“Organizations are searching for affordable, flexible solutions to collaborate across distances, and SMART is committed to meeting that need with powerful, easy-to-use software. VoIP is a natural addition to Bridgit software that will increase savings and enhance the user experience for our customers,” said Nancy Knowlton, President and co-CEO, SMART.