New GPRS-based Software to Enhance VAS

by CXOtoday Staff    Aug 21, 2008

India Interactive Technologies Ltd. (ITIL) has launched MeraMobi — a GPRS-based software.

MeraMobi is an intuitive application for GPRS active mobile phones.

It allows, among other things, booking train, air tickets and making utility bill payments. According to the press statement, credit card details are neither registered nor stored.

Rajeev Mishra, business head of IITL said, “The share of GPRS active users is steadily growing among all users of mobile phones, a category which itself is growing at a tremendous pace. Today out of the 278 million mobile phone users in India around 20million are GPRS active consumers compared to 30million Internet users. Research shows that the maximum users of GPRS active phones are in the age group of 25-45, working professionals, who are tech savvy, time starved, and want to be updated on the move. This consumer is looking for a comprehensive offering which brings convenience to their lives anywhere, anytime. MeraMobi reaches out to these individuals as their new best friend.”

MeraMobi is backed by technology of the Pitroda group LLC (USA).

Nehal Maniar, vice president (core products) of C-SAM said, “Security is one of the most important aspects while performing mobile transactions. MeraMobi uses industry standard techniques to encrypt sensitive user information and protect it throughout the transaction. We neither store complete payment card data anywhere on the server nor in the phone. MeraMobi reaches out to a vast population by supporting a large range of phones. The product is uniquely designed to look and work well on everything from a small basic phone to a powerful smart phone. We have ensured that the product is easy to download, understand and use. With a wide range of services there is something for everyone to enjoy.”

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