New iPad app enables remote desktop access

by CXOtoday Staff    Jun 21, 2010

Array Networks Inc., a provider of secure application delivery has launched the DesktopDirect iPad application, which enables full remote desktop access for enterprise users.

Array Networks designed the DesktopDirect iPad application with two enterprise challenges in mind — full application availability and security. iPad users can now work within the familiar environment of their office desktops, from any remote location.

Windows compatibility problems and security risks are eliminated because the application only transmits video, keyboard, and mouse (input/output) information. Applications and data remain on the office computer, extending existing security and compliance standards to the remote employee s location.

Businesses can now provide employees with direct access to their work computers and all Windows applications via the iPad, without the risk of data leakage, transforming the iPad into a useful business tool. Designed specifically for the iPad, the application takes advantage of the iPad’s full screen size to provide a complete view of remote computer desktops, thereby enhancing productivity for users accessing business applications that are otherwise not available for the iPad.

The DesktopDirect iPad application, which is now available on the Apple iTunes Store, also supports access for multiple desktops, which is useful for those users managing more than one corporate computer. The application saves time by enabling multi-tasking among corporate computer desktops. DesktopDirect iPad also lets users to access computers when they are turned off — saving energy costs while providing 24/7 access.

"With the DesktopDirect iPad application and multi-desktop viewing, businesses can cost-effectively provide those same consumers, who are also their employees, a secure way to get work done from outside the office, explained Michael Zhao, President and CEO of Array Networks.