New tool to measure customer satisfaction

by CXOtoday News Desk    Aug 29, 2012

customer satisfactionFor enterprises looking to have an insight on how their brands score on customer satisfaction, there’s now a tool in the market to help companies measure customer experience levels across brands as well as categories. The tool has been developed by Custommerce Service Excellence Foundation (CSEF), a forum incubated by Servion Global Solutions that offers solutions and services in the Customer Interaction Management space.

The customer satisfaction index is measured by using statistical data in the form of interviews that is obtained on the mobile phones. It aims to capture the overall, experiential brand perceptions through responses to a limited set of structured questions. The areas that were used for the measuring of index include customers satisfaction, value for money, brand loyalty, brand expectations and so on. Based on the data obtained, the scores are formulated.

“More often than not, there is a huge gap in perception of brand promise and the end-user experience. CINDEX will help organisations bridge the gap and offer corrective measures for brands to improve the experience of customers’. We are extremely happy to partner with Custommerce in this initiative,” said V Ravichandar, Chairman, Feedback Consulting, a B2B research and consulting firm that has partnered in the CINDEX venture.

According to Ramesh Venkateswaran, Chairman of Custommerce, today customer engagement is a key differentiator in business. Therefore, it is vital to measure the level of customer satisfaction to understand the position of brands and how they have improve on its different parameters.

Venkateswaran added that CINDEX is expected to raise the bar in business by helping enterprises improve and enhance service delivery level.

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