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by CXOtoday Staff    Apr 10, 2008 houses an expansive collection of computer security tests, providing an independent presentation of test results from a diverse set of community testers. According to Comodo, all information is gathered and created by the users, for the users and does not promote any specific commercial interest whatsoever. Comodo provides the infrastructure for the site but does not affect the information represented, stated the company. was launched as a new website to address an emerging concern in the security industry - the lack of an independent testing resource that gathers all of the tests and testers needed to objectively assess the effectiveness of PC security solutions.

Existing testing sites provide a limited number of tests with information that is often dated and reflective a very limited set of testers, according to Comodo. The appeal of is that it provides a broad array of computer security tests, including firewall leak and Host Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) tests that all community members can use for testing purposes, says the company. The tests were created as a safe way for users of all abilities to determine the effectiveness of their security software at preventing viruses from damaging a computer system.

This approach permits a broader set of testers that can post their results for all community members to see and is likely to be more representative of the “real world”, says Comodo. Further, results are posted almost immediately and are more current than many other testing sites that delay posting results for weeks or even months at a time, claims the company. was designed to be both a testing and education resource for users and includes:

*Detailed and technical explanations about firewall leak tests and HIPS testing
*Downloads of individual and batch security individual tests
*Information on other people’s test results and comments
*The ability to become part of the Test My PC Security testing community

“ creates a new type of community - a virtual community of like minded people concerned with creating better desktop security for all,” said Melih Abdulhayoglu, CEO and Chief Security Architect of Comodo.

“The power of a community to test security software and help other community members stay safe represents the new way forward in online security. This type of community can only operate effectively if the environment is independent of commercial interests. That’s what we created with and it’s why the site has exceeded our expectations in terms of impact and influence within the security industry,” he concluded.

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